Social Animator

Artist – Writer – Speaker – Educator – Mentor



Erfan Daliri is a social animator, a performing artist and an agent of social change. Erfan has a post-graduate diploma in Communication for Social Change and over 15 years of experience in community development, youth work, and social change consultancy. He now spends his time inspiring and empowering his audiences to live more fulfilling and intentional lives, particularly youth and young adults. He presents seminars, performs theatre and spoken word, facilitates workshops and produces all forms of arts events.

Between the speaking, performing and writing, Erfan is also director of Newkind Festival, a master class for agents of change. Newkind is a straightedge, vegan, off-grid and zero packaging event run completely on solar power, programmed with thought-leaders, innovators, educators, activists and academics from around the globe. The entire experience is designed to inspire and empower participants to become more active and authentic agents of social change.


“An unassuming, quietly compelling presence on stage, he has that admirable talent of drawing an audience in, and soon having them eating out of his hand. Australia’s hottest spoken-word export.”

Russell Thompson – Apples & Snakes, London



“mixing storytelling with imagery, emotion and restraint, flow and a more natural delivery, Erfan is a talented writer and performer set to make a mark on the international scene.”

Bodhan Piasecki – Apples & Snakes, Birmingham






“Erfan spins a web of words, weaving cultural influences with spiritual insight to deliver a beautifully human performance.”

Matthew West – ArtfulScribe, Southhampton


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