Current Courses

Resilience Training

Building Resilience and Emotional Core Strength

The Unfazed Seminar is designed for anyone seeking clarity, conviction and inner strength in their lives. It is suitable for performing artists who wish for greater stage presence, activists seeking conviction and courage in extreme situations, entrepreneurs experiencing doubt and self-limiting thoughts, students who are deciding what to do with their lives and even as a support for those experiencing panic, anxiety and depression. 

Over the course of the day, participants will experience an interactive seminar that journeys through a number of themes including;

What is emotional core strength
Mental hygiene and emotional cleanliness.
The root causes of anxiety and panic.
Authentic communication.
The role of arts in social change.
Integrity, honour and self-trust.
Overcoming our fears.
Entanglement and Independence.
The purpose of creative expression.
Physics and spirituality.
Truthfulness and honesty.
The mathematics of relationships.
How to command an audience.
Youth engagement and education.
Existing in a capitulating system.


Erfan Daliri is an internationally toured social animator, educator and performing artist, on a mission. With a Post-Graduate Diploma in Communication for Social Change, Erfan’s work focuses mostly on activating and empowering activists, artists, and agents of social change.