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Resilience Training

Building Resilience and Emotional Core Strength

Unfazed can be offered as a seminar or a performance piece. In either format, it is, in essence, a performance philosophy experience designed to empower audiences with tools for resilience and inspire them into larger versions of themselves. 

Inspiring, enlightening, and restoring hope, Erfan’s open and free-flowing style instantly gives participants a sense of familiarity and comfort. This experience is for anyone seeking clarity, conviction and inner strength in their lives.

Suitable for performing artists seeking greater stage presence, activists seeking resilience and courage in extreme situations, entrepreneurs who want to overcome self-limiting beliefs, students deciding what to do with their lives and even those experiencing panic, anxiety or depression. 

Over the course of the seminar, participants will go on a journey through a number of themes including;

The causes of anxiety and panic

Growth and trauma

Integrity, honour and self-trust

Alchemy and transmutation

Creative expression and healing

Physics and spirituality

Truthfulness and unity

Heartbreak, healing and service

The mathematics of relationships 


The next Unfazed seminar is

Sydney on Wednesday 23rd of May at Sydney Theatre Company

Melbourne on Sunday 27th of May at Second Story Studios