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Resilience Training


Unfazed was developed to support and assist those dealing with personal challenges as well as global concerns and issues of social justice. Erfan draws from over a decade of experience in community development work to empower and inspire others towards developing their emotional resilience and their mental and spiritual well-being.

This experience can be offered as a lecture, a full day seminar or a 60minute performance philosophy set. In either format gives participants tools, skills and insights that will heal, inspire and allow them to imagine and step in larger, more confident, proactive versions of themselves. 

Erfan’s open-hearted, free-flowing style gives participants a sense of familiarity and allows them slowly unravel their own realisations. Drawing from his work with remote communities, youth work, migrant settlement, mental health projects and a post-graduate degree in Communication for Social Change, Erfan seeks to activate, excite and inspire his audiences.

The Unfazed experience is for anyone seeking clarity, conviction and inner strength in their lives. Suitable for artists, activists, students, entrepreneurs, people with personal hardships and those working in the fields of social change and community work.


Unfazed – Second Story Studios – 4th February 2018

Created by Clear Reel Productions