What does he do?







Event Director

Agent of Social Change


Erfan Daliri is a social animator. A published author, a youth educator, festival director, and an internationally toured spoken word artist with a background in Engineering, and a Graduate Diploma in Communication for Social Change. Erfan has been working in community development, youth work and social change project development for over 15 years now.

His ability to capture and hold the attention of his audience comes effortlessly from over a decade of experience facilitating youth engagement workshops across the country. Working with remote Indigenous youth, minority community groups, high schools and universities has given him a wide range of experience to draw from. His first 12-date national speaking tour was in 2002 at the age of 19.

As the co-founder of UpUpTrampoline and the Newkind Movement, much of his work focuses on empowering, inspiring and activating agents of social change. Whether it’s presenting a master class for creative artists, mentoring youth, directing festivals, performing on stage, or conspiring with fellow Novalanders, the throughline of his work is social change and challenging the status quo.


Co-Founder of UpUpTrampoline – (2015-present)

Co-Director of Newkind Festival – (2015-present)

Director of Townsville Cultural Festival (2011-2017)

Managing Director of Tabarsi Community Consultancy (2006-2010)

Programme Coordinator of Youth Agents of Change  (2002-2007)



After a decade of working in community development, youth work and social change consultancy, Erfan began his career as a spoken word artist in 2011, publishing his first compilation of poetry Esteban’s Conclusions, in 2013. He has since released a second book, A Handful of Paper Planes, and his debut spoken word album Paper Planes.

Since launching UpUpTrampoline in 2015, Erfan and co-director Bravo Child have launched The Creators of Tomorrow Master Class, hosted workshops across the country, performed stage and street theatre activations, and mentored thousands of high school students and university graduates.

Newkind Festival also created by Erfan and Bravo is the annual gathering at which Novalanders meet to train, discuss and prepare projects for social change.

UpUpTrampoline has also launched multiple online courses, mentorship programmes, workshops, events for social change and performance tours including One Day Journey and Sydney Fringe Festival 2016.

For speaking, performance, consultancy or workshop bookings email mr.erfan.daliri@gmail.com

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