About Erfan

“Erfan spins a web of words, weaving cultural influences with spiritual insight to deliver a beautifully human experience.”

Matthew West – ArtfulScribe, Southhampton


A free-range, locally grown, organic, plastic-free, plant-munching, solar-powered Agent of Social Change with a background in community development, settlement services and youth engagement, with over a decade of experience in consulting and project management.

Erfan Daliri is a social change animator. He is a published writer, an educator, youth worker, event director and a spoken word artist with a post-graduate degree in Communication for Social Change and a depth of experience in participatory development. He is the founding director of the Newkind social justice conference, advisor to Amnesty International on their refugee settlement campaign, and an internationally toured speaker and spoken word artist.

Erfan is passionate about working with individuals and organisations working to affect social, environmental and economic justice. With over a decade of experience designing and implementing grassroots initiatives and meta-level understandings of socioeconomic justice, Erfan seeks to inspire and assist others to create as much positive social change as possible with their individual initiatives and organisations.

Erfan draws from a deep well of experience to design projects, mentor youth and host seminars and training sessions. Whether it’s presenting a resilience training seminar, a performance philosophy set, a social change master class, or managing community development projects, the throughline of his work is social change and disrupting the status quo.

If you’re after an inspirational speaker for staff or students, a consultant to help refine and refresh your organisational flow or perhaps a consultant to help you achieve your project objectives, then get in touch with Erfan and find out how he can help you.




“mixing storytelling with imagery, emotion and restraint, flow and a natural delivery, Erfan is a talented writer and performer set to make a mark on the international scene.”

Bodhan Piasecki – Apples & Snakes, Birmingham

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