The process of social change, this movement for social justice, is as much about you, as it is about the rest of the world. This is about you finding your purpose, this is about your empowerment and development, and the role you wish to play in the rapidly changing society we are co-creating. This is as much about your personal growth, your mental health, your spiritual development as it is about global issues of justice, peace, equality and sustainability.


The shifts and transformations that we are witnessing across the world, in citizen agency, social enterprise, public awareness, environmental protection and the furthering of the cause of human rights and social justice, are all restructuring society and evolving the human race at a rapid rate.


And though this period of maturation and growth can at times be difficult and overwhelming, though it can feel like too much too fast, and paradoxically it can at the same time feel like too little too late, it is important that we maintain our composure, hold fast our convictions, refine our intentions, remain hopeful, cheerful, clearheaded and focused on the task at hand.


For the eventual outcomes of these schisms and cataclysms, these at times traumatic realisations and ruptures of old paradigms and failing systems will most certainly be positive, beautiful and for the betterment of the world. The trajectory we are on is one of unification and connectedness. This difficult and testing path we tread is moving us towards the ultimate and unequivocal realisation of our inextricably interconnected nature.


In those times of greatest difficulty and uncertainty, keep in mind the inevitability of the establishment of peace on earth and the resistless and unstoppable process of the unification of the human race. Let that thought console and calm you in times of bewilderment and grief.


Maintain a bent towards positivity and a solutions-focused approach to social, economic and environmental issues, for it will produce more effective initiatives and more holistic solutions. Not to mention a more easeful state of mind. The failings of the old paradigms and the injustices caused by flawed and prejudiced systems are plentiful and easy to see. What is rare and precious is the person who is committed and dedicated to hopeful solutions instead of occupying themselves with pointing out problems and bickering over wrongdoings.


Accept the fact that social evolution requires both growth and change, and that neither growth nor change can come without discomfort, difficulty and even pain. Be patient with the world that you wish to change, and just as importantly be patient with yourself as you defrag and restructure your ideas, ideals and personal habits.


The fact that you want to create positive change implies that you can see some form of injustice, imbalance, inequality or disconnect, and just acknowledging and witnessing the injustice can cause a great degree of pain. Acknowledge that others also experience that pain when they look at the world or their own habits.

Take that pain that you feel, take that anxious concern and the anger that comes with recognising injustice and transmute it into love. Turn one element into another, and let that love guide you towards thoughts and actions that will solve problems, create solutions, and create unity.


If you can have the compassion and emotional comprehension of our connectedness to deeply care for the wellbeing of others, if you have the resilience to unflinchingly bear witness to the injustices they face, the composure to turn that pain you feel into an emotion of love, and then act from a place of love to resolve the injustice, then you are a truly remarkable example of the pinnacle of human existence.


The process of social change, this movement for social justice, is as much about you, as it is about the rest of the world.


Erfan Daliri