This wasn’t about the starving orphaned children of some third world country, global conflict, the environment or your particular religious beliefs. This had nothing to do with distractions and real issues. This vote was about kindness, compassion, understanding and acceptance, and as far as I am concerned that is the only real issue; rather, the core of all other issues.


There is no greater concern on the face of this earth then the peace and serenity of the hearts of human beings. For the heart of the human is the very centre of the universe, and the love, and peacefulness and acceptance that it feels determines the creation that it offers the world. This vote was as much a vote to legalise people’s love for one another in a relationship, as it was about our collective love for each other, for humanity.


What we were voting on was whether we are a nation of open-hearted, accepting and understanding human beings, or whether we are a bunch of fearful and prejudiced bigots who have only smokescreen arguments to offer… Thankfully the open hearts won.


This vote had nothing to do with any particular religion, because last time I checked we live in a secular society, and religious laws should have no say in anything other than how you choose to conduct your personal life. So shut up and put your holy book down, nobody is asking anyone to change their religious laws, we are speaking of the laws of Australia, not any particular system of faith.


And it wasn’t just the right to marry that was important here, but also, and more importantly the vote for acceptance. Let’s face it, marriage isn’t that big of a deal. About 25% of them are great, 25% are just ok, and 50% of them are dead-set shite and end up in divorce anyway. I don’t think the right to marry was the greater concern here, rather the issue of acceptance, acknowledgement and understanding. To know that your nation stands with you even if a few bigots don’t get you.


The real concern is that the queer identifying teenager who is terrified of school, can walk around with a little less fear in their heart and feel a touch more acceptance and love, from millions of people they have never met before. And even though the schoolyard bullies will not disappear overnight, at least that queer kid will know in their heart that the overwhelming majority of the country is with them, loves them, and accepts them exactly as they are. So our LGBTQI community can always remember that even though their families might not get it, the rest of us are there to support them.


Sure there are some legal concerns, and being in a legally recognised partnership is important in many life situations, and it makes heartwrenching hospital visits less painful… But what is even more important than the right to enter a legally recognised relationship, which is a basic right we should never have had to vote on anyway, is the fact that we are removing prejudice from our society, and though it still exists, and though legalising interracial marriage did not end racism, it sure as shit was a big step towards it right?


Voting Yes was just each one of us telling the nation that we are a kind and compassionate person. And any heteros who voted No, on an issue that has zero effect on their lives, should go up to the mirror, look at the person staring back and ask themselves ‘Why?’


Why would you ever do such a thing? Is your ideology somehow more important than the calm and peace that will come to the hearts of those who had been relegated to the fringes of your crumbling society? Is your opinion more valuable than the suicidality of a member of the LGBTQI community who is struggling to express their true identity to their family or community? Is it really that important to you that marriage remains between a man and a woman? Really… That’s a big deal to you?


Yes, it was a farce in many regards, and it should have been digital, or just decided by progressive leadership, and you might think that ending mining or global conflict is somehow more important, sure… but what did you do in the last 6 months to end global conflict, famine, mining or the signing of the TPP?
The fact is the removal of anxious tensions, the clearing of fears, the easing and calming of hearts, the opening of our own hearts, the acceptance of all forms of difference and diversity, is actually the most important issue that we have ever had to deal with. like ever! Since we lived in caves. All of the horrors that we have perpetrated against each other and against the earth have all stemmed from the carrying and enacting of fears, from prejudice expressed, and from discomfort within our hearts.

When we begin to put our fears aside and remove our prejudices, when our hearts are at peace and full to the brim with love, then and only then will our excessive and cruel diets, our arguments over meaningless shit, and our consumerism finally slow down, and our insatiable appetite for newer, bigger, shinner shit will finally be satiated with the deep reverberation that comes with expressing unconditioned love…


And voting Yes was a step closer towards that. And for that, I congratulate you Australia… Now can we please see to the needs of the 600 men left stranded on Manus? Get activists mobilised to end the needless slaughter of animals, and ffs can we end the Australian apartheid and bring Indigenous Australian leadership into our systems of governance?


Erfan Daliri