“…Let us commit, let us lean into life, and not relent…”


I’ve had enough time on this earth to know that there is nothing left here that can attract or distract me away from my true purpose. From our true purpose. There is nothing left here for me but to be a part of the evolution of human civilisation; the awakening of the soul and the very practical task of doing everything we can to create a peaceful, sustainable and equitable society. That’s it. That’s all there is left to do, and everything else is a distraction.

It’s not easy, I know. My friends and comrades know this well. It is not easy to be at all times considering and discussing themes of social change, justice, equity, equality, economics, animal rights, privilege, entitlement, rape culture, environmental degradation and domestic violence and suicide; without break, without rest, without drugs or alcohol to take off the edge, it’s not easy to not flinch, and instead to stare into the abyss, without backing away, and witness what is happening around us whilst remaining calm, clear-headed and focused.

But, it is also not easy to be aware of what is happening in the world in every single moment whilst not being a part of the solution. That refusal to engage is also difficult to live with. Shopping centres and dinner parties, careers, cars, homes, mortgages, drugs, alcohol, relationships created to fill a void that we should be filling ourselves, discussing politics and policy over wine and cheese platters while half of the world struggles to feed their family… That too is its own hell.


“…it is also not easy to be aware of what is happening in the world in and to not being a part of the solution…”


So in a way, everyone is free to decide which type of discomfort best suits them. The discomfort of uncertainty, of flux, and the personal exertion to change and evolve, or the discomfort of conforming to the familiar and known confines of an unjust prison.

And the fact is, most of us are actually fluctuating between the two worlds. One of abandon, full trust and commitment to social change, and the other of conformity and holding on to old behaviours, systems and ways of being. But the time has come for us to be brave and commit to the task at hand with full conviction and unwavering certainty. We are all already doing it, we just need do it a little more convincingly.

Our time will soon pass, and the chance to change the course of history will be gone. Create the future you want now my friends, instead of wishing that the present was not so painful to witness. What we are witnessing now, is the accumulative result of each generation before us, and the deviation or dent that we put into the trajectory that we were born into will be witnessed and noted, generations from now. Our efforts now will reverberate throughout all of time. Or not… depending on what we do with our time.

So make your dent, let us make our impression on this story, as overwhelming as the momentum and the inertia might be, Do Not give in to it. Make your counteraction against that which you do not believe in, do not resign to go unnoticed in the arch of human civilisation.

We all know within our core, which side of history we want to be on. And we know it will not be easy. Of course, it’s not easy. It is uncomfortable, it is painful, it is heartbreaking, mind-bending, and soul-shaping. It is not easy my friends. We experience panic, we experience anxiety, we experience loss and hopelessness at times, we hold each other up when one of us is finding it difficult to stand upright. It is testing and it is unrelenting. But nothing can compare to that feeling deep within our core that just smiles at us and says ‘Yes… this is the way home”


“…as overwhelming as the momentum and the inertia might be, Do Not give in to it. Make your counteraction count…”


I know it is not easy, and I know it takes fortitude and courage, and I know we need to heal our own broken hearts, to break off the arrows in our backs to roar into the face of the onslaught, I know we need emotional core strength and I know we need leaders to lead the way, I know we need community and compassion, I know we need to trust, to have love, to hold each other accountable but also sometimes we just need to hold each other up.

I’ve been running resilience training seminars and speaking on emotional core strength for some time now, and I am now letting the world know that though people are free to donate if they wish, I actually don’t care to charge anymore. I’ve decided that things such as income,  rent, and savings will no longer slow me down, or be a concern of mine.

The task at hand is clear, we need revolutionary people in order to have the revolution we want. We need brave and courageous souls to be unfazed, unflinching and resolved. We need to show kindness in the face of harsh words, and we must respond to hatred with uncompromising compassion. We need to be able to look at what is happening in the world and to not be triggered. That is the only way we will find solutions. And if I can help people do that, then that is what I will do.

We need resilience and core strength, to be able to witness the horrors around us and still maintain our calm, think clearly, and act with clarity, love and courage. When we are unafraid we are kind, when we are not in pain we are compassionate and considerate, if we can maintain our calm and composure then we will always make the decision that is just, fair, and noble.

It is for this reason that this work is important to me. Because I know at our core, we are good, we are kind and we are noble. I know our inherent nature is infinitely patient, forgiving, loving and supremely intelligent.

And that is why I am letting the world know that my resilience training sessions are now free and uncharged, I don’t want finances to be a concern for anybody. The next one is in Melbourne on Sunday 26th November, and the one after that is in Sydney on Sunday 10th of December.

The fact of the matter is the ones doing the most important work don’t often have $50 spare to book a ticket to a seminar. I know, because I’ve had days when I couldn’t afford to buy a coffee. So I will make sure every Unfazed seminar I do is always available for free to whoever wants to attend.


_erfan daliri

“The Earth does not need us to save her, it is our souls and the content of our hearts that need to be addressed.”

– Erfan Daliri –