Without a doubt one of the most effective and powerful motivators of personal growth is heartache. Whether it be, deceit, betrayal, the abrupt ending of an intense relationship, or a sudden death. Trauma to the heart, if it does not floor you with the initial blow, can be an accelerator of growth. Regardless it will make you grow, but how you receive it in that first moment determines how much growth is initiated.


How you manage to hold your tongue and remain calm, how you manage to catch your breath and stay at peace, how you manage to process instantly in your brain and respond with, “I understand.” This is how you accelerate your development.


To take a blow to the heart and not only remain standing but to hold no resentment or feel any negative emotion towards the assailant is the most powerful form of alchemy that exists. In truth, it is the only type of transmutation that has ever meant anything, the only form of alchemy that has held any worth. All other forms of alchemy pale into insignificance when considered against the alchemy of the heart and the ability to transmute emotion. If you can receive a form of emotion, transform it and send it out again as a new form of energy, you are edging closer to mastery.


To receive the weight of the falling sword with arms wide open and a smile on one’s face is the most powerful stance one could ever be in. When no force can overcome you, when no action can influence you to change the nature of your energy, when peaceful acceptance is what you offer in return to any affliction you are faced with, then you have become the master of your own being.


So much talk of being the master of our destiny or the master of one’s universe, when so little effort and attention has been afforded the task of becoming the master of our own emotional selves. For what hope do we have of influencing the environment around us and to inspire new actions and behaviours of those around us, if full and total mastery of our own self is not first obtained.


If you cannot practice controlled governance of your emotional self and even your physiological reactions to hurtful words or heartbreaking truths, why set yourself the task of changing the world? Why entertain such fancies? Why imagine that you have any hope at all in becoming a leader amongst lost men, or a champion of social change if you still react and respond like a needy child or a resentful teenager.

You can say, but that’s just how I feel, or I can’t help feeling this way, or my heart is aching, or my body reacts in this way, but that’s all BS. Whether it is your physiological response to heartbreaking words or the domestic violence perp who screams, “It’s Her fault, she makes me so angry!” You know it’s all BS. How you respond to this world is only ever a choice you make, and you are the only one ever responsible for the way you conduct yourself.

That’s the difference between the instinctive animal that acts in perfect harmony with the environment that it has evolved within, and the human being who has the ability to condition its own behaviour. Consider the significance of that statement. The difference between the human being and the animal is the ability to condition the self.

The animal will learn new skills when taught, it will learn from its natural environment and develop new skills and faculties, certainly. But a dog will never teach itself to sit, nor will an elephant teach itself how to paint. Make use of this ability, make full use of this gift. If you can’t teach yourself to remain calm, or to not take offence or to not be upset by unkind words, well…

The thing is, this world doesn’t need any more opinions, bickering or hurt feelings, it’s crumbling under the weight of them, this world needs pillars.

If you still have needs that require being met by another person, their attention, their love, their acceptance or respect, then there is an imagined lack that you must first address. If you need these things and their absence causes you angst, anxiety or hurt, then you are not yet prepared to be a leader.


When you do not flinch, when you do not become tense, when lies, betrayal, deceit and mindless aggression cannot disturb your peaceful loving kindness, then you are the master of your own being, master of your domain, then you are worthy of an audience and truly fit to lead.


Do not look to others to reciprocate and replenish the love you offer them, do not expect them to understand the extent or purity of the love you offer. If you do, you will be disappointed.


Instead look towards the source of your being and the architect of this existence, to give you what you need to continue. Understand that energy flows from a place of higher density to lower density, as does heat, water and love. So seek your replenishment from that which is greater than you, not from your peers.


You cannot barter your love for the love of another, this is not how it works. Your ideas of economy and finance are flawed imaginings that are not accurate or correctly aligned with the true nature of existence. This discrepancy has caused you much discomfort. Look to nature in order to achieve a more apt financial system that serves humanity and does not destroy nature. Then consider spirituality and themes of a spiritual nature in that new paradigm.


Your ideas of God, love, profit, progress, spirituality and even the after-life, your understanding of the concepts of abundance, prosperity, development, progress and growth, have all been based on and stem from a fundamentally flawed economic construct that is not a true reflection of the nature of existence.


You cannot just impose any economic system crafted in your imagination on a world it does not suit. You cannot then argue that one is best suited for life on this planet over another, or that one suits a particular region and not another. This universe existed before your ideas of economy, so look to the workings of nature and the planet that you exist within, that you may glean some insight and then create an economic structure that serves life on this planet. Look at the functions and systems of nature, consider the innate economy that exists in the workings of nature, and try to emulate that. Understand it will take time to perfect, but it starts with gifting.



Until such time, offer your love, your generosity, your kindliness, patience and enduring compassion to all who may cross your path and do not expect to receive it back in equal measure. I tell you, your expectations have been the cause of a great deal of your grief; acknowledge that and let it go. Offer without expectation of receiving.


Trust that God is the witness of your existence and that what you endure is being noted. Trust that God will afford you mercy, compassion and wisdom. Trust that you will be replenished with the courage, strength and steadfastness that you require in order for you to continue on.


If you fail to believe or trust in, or even recognise any awareness higher than your own, then no words of mine, or any other wisdom of a lasting nature will ever serve you, for you have already severed yourself from the source of life, the source of knowledge and wisdom. To come to know and comprehend this higher awareness is the very purpose of your existence. What can be done for the ray of light that does not believe or acknowledge it has come of the sun?


How can you expect to become a beacon of light and a leader of the heedless if you are to react and respond in like manner? How are you to show forth trustworthiness, integrity and honour, if you cannot show resilience in the face of the derision and impertinence they offer you. Strengthen your heart, my love, that you may with ease and joy carry the burdens they heap upon you. Strengthen your mind that you may see clearly the path ahead and let your thoughts and ideas act as lights that might show the way.


Rely not on your fellow beings to receive you in the way you receive them. Know that you have been entrusted with a position of leadership and as such, it is expected of you to offer forth love regardless of what you receive.


Erfan Daliri – 5 June 2017