When asked what the most important quality was for a revolutionary to possess, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara replied “At the risk of sounding ridiculous. A great revolutionary is guided by great feelings of Love. Love of humanity, of Justice, and Truth.”


Further to that, I would like to add a few words…



Code of Conduct – Article E1


Practice emotional hygiene, be vigilant with your inner dialogue, reinforce your internal equanimity, take pride in your mental clarity and focus energy on developing your core strength; both physical and emotional. In every moment ask yourself, “which action would I be most proud of?” And do that.


Eat clean, live clean, become familiar with the straight edge philosophy and embody it. Remove the need for unnecessary packaging from the food that you eat, and find nourishment that requires no packaging, it’s not that hard. Remove all unnecessary packaging from your conversations, and engage only in conversations that are straightforward, upfront and unashamedly honest. When you cannot speak your truth to someone’s face they can already tell. When you do, they can also tell.


There is no doubt that you must live a vegan life. If in doubt, educate yourself. The reasons fall into 4 categories; moral, environmental, health, and economic. Become familiar with the term ‘non-participation’ it’s going to come up a lot. It’ll be one of your most effective tools when navigating this phase of capitulation and restructure.


Non-participation will be a core theme for us because our actions can no longer be justified by their means anymore. And if all you can do is to not participate in practices that you do not believe in, then just do that. It is a more powerful position to come from than one who is frantically doing something they think is helping while supporting the systems they are fighting against.


Whether it is with regards to false economies, the wage slave existence, the flawed banking system, the meat and dairy industry, the drug and alcohol fueled nightlife scene, the packaging of foods, or the supporting of unethical companies that profit from selling poisons, or any number of other industries or practices that continue to prop up this system that is causing us trauma, removing ourselves and ceasing our financial and emotional support of these structures is key.


Practising non-participation is crucial, and it must come first and foremost before all other forms of social change activism. It is how you can begin living in integrity and with honour. It is how your words will carry more weight and travel further. It is how your ideas will become clearer and your mind will become broader. You must embody what you believe in first before further truths are brought to the surface. Living in contradiction is a heavy and painful burden.


Do not participate in lower level conversation, base-level emotional exchanges, and most certainly do not engage in, or even allow for back-biting and gossip to occur in your presence. This is not befitting of Novalanders. Initiate conversations of a higher nature, discuss themes from an intellectual, academic, poetic or spiritual realm.


Do not become gloomy and angsty by engaging in politicised arguments and dramas; the entire system is corrupt and failing, there is no need to take sides now. Rather speak of philosophies, ideals and ideas that might lead us to a new age.


Remain calm and always be kind, practice being infinitely patient. If you feel you are about to lose it, ask yourself, how losing your patience and composure might help you or serve your situation. I assure you, there will never be any context where losing your patience will be of benefit. Do not react to unkind words, nor respond to unconscious behaviour, lest you become drawn into ineffective and ignoble actions.


Be aware of your posture, your gait, your demeanour and your gaze, observe your thoughts, practice physical and mental cleanliness and be aware of the smell of your breath. Walk with conviction, speak clearly and loudly, in a courteous and polite manner. Conduct yourself in such a way that causes those who are witness to ponder whether they are in the presence of nobility. For what is being noble, then to act in such a manner?


Sell your car. Buy a bike. In fact, sell anything that no longer aligns with your philosophy on life. Leather shoes, woollen jumpers, ugg boots, and furs. Get rid of them and research alternatives. Someone will buy them off you. One day society will stop making them. For now, sell them off for what you can, don’t be a martyr.


Instead become immortal. Disengage with the trivial bs of this world or you’ll be forced to. By choice or by force, you will become detached from this world, it’s the only way you will find your way back home. Your heart will be broken, time and again, until you learn to let go of this world and everything within it.


The individual and the collective trauma we’re experiencing is for the purpose of awakening us and drawing us closer to our true nature; away from our animalistic past and closer to spiritually enlightened behaviour.


So slow down, shut up, sit quietly and breathe deep. Realise that if you still care if your shirt has a stain on it or your jacket has a hole before a meeting, then you’re still too easily distracted by trivialities.


So turn off the TV, put down those drinks, turn the air conditioners off, stop going to shopping malls, don’t eat animals anymore, it’s cruel and unkind. Fuck the economy, that’s how we got ourselves into this situation, don’t be blind. Don’t use your hearing selectively. Investigate a field of knowledge diligently before you speak of it. If you are an amateur, admit it openly and you might learn something.


Educate yourselves on the things that matter. Pick up text books, download PDFs, watch lectures and listen to audio books. No longer speak of sports, of fashion, of the trendiest new gelato place or reality tv shows; that is not conversation befitting of Novalanders. This world is literally dying, we have no time for such uselessness.


Be focused, stay true, be calm, remain clear-headed and keep your bodies fit and trim. Be agile both physically and mentally, you never know how you might need to defend yourself or from where an attack might come.


Know your first aid, study crowd control and become familiar with conflict resolution. Have a basic understanding of global politics, economics and history, but always remember this is all just an illusion. Teach yourself the basics of mathematics, physics, chemistry and yoga. Understand that everything in this universe is connected and there is no ‘other’.


This world needs champions. These people need exemplars. It is time for you to stand up and charge forward. Now is the time for you to stand by your intuitions, your ethics, your morals and if need be take a bullet for them. The dawn of a new day is breaking, and light will soon shine forth. Be aware that the actions you are engaged in will soon be laid bare for all to see. So act now if you wish to be on the right side of the sweeping hand that will wipe this earth clean.


There are too many amongst us who make claims and state audaciously that now is the time for change, but cannot bear to forego sleep, give up their souvlaki wraps or even so much as fast for a day, much less put everything on the line, risk ruin, ridicule and their own lives. But I tell you my friends, this is what is required. Weakness, sloth and cognitive dissonance have infiltrated most of the minds and bodies of the peoples of the earth. Be not one of them who has been lost to idle fancies, or those whose courage has been found wanting.


There are far too many disappointments in this world of ours; do not be one of them.


These people need lanterns of light to look towards, they need beacons of hope and emblems of resiliences. Be the halcyons this world is in need of. Be the kind of person who seeks not to point out other’s shortcomings because you are only ever focused on your own growth. Seek no one’s approval, recognition or support; if you need validation from your contemporaries you’ll become a plaything and you will lose yourself in vain thoughts.


We do not need those who still seek validation or those who are distracted by the fanfare of this world. Be not a child lost in the bedazzling lights and puppetry of the show. Instead, seek out the moral of the story. Understand the journey. And be brave enough to accept the hard truth.


This world is full of maddening ignorance, prejudice, shortsighted, self-serving fools who are lost in seeing only to their own bodily needs and desires and will be of no service or use. Accept that, move on, and continue doing the work. Do not concern yourself with their ways. Instead remain fast and firm in your moral grounding, be still in the face of tribulation, and calm in the face of heartbreak. Do not react to hatred nor retaliate to acts of aggression.


Be not of those who speak false words or make claims they have no intention of living up to. Understand the concepts and themes that you wish to speak about, and be certain you know the truth of the matter before you say anything. Until then it is best to refrain. Be silent and witness, while you continue to prepare and train.


Do not become a victim of petty bickering, impatience or a short-tempered nature. These things will do you no benefit, and are beneath your station.


It’s not going to be easy to be who you’ve been asked to be. It is no small feat to surpass what has been expected of human beings. You are not here to be a proponent of mediocrity, nor are you here just to fill seats.


You’re here to break all boundaries, exceed all expectations, and leave behind any who cling dearly to things of this world or still harbour petty fears. Those who run with you will be there all the way. And those who fall back were never going to make it anyway, so pay them no mind. Lean into life. Make yourself proud of the person you became through the hardship and the strife.


Understand that everything the people had once put their faith in has failed and disappointed them, they’ve been hurt, they’ve been let down. Now they need you to be an indomitable source of courage and strength who will never fade or fall back. Never fail them my fellow Novalanders, they have already been hurt too many times. They need someone to trust, someone to believe in, someone to rely on. And that is us my friends.


Onee Pahl Zjen