It’s been a long journey… I know. There have been times you didn’t think you’d make it, but you did. There may have been times when you wanted to end it. I know I did. Perhaps more often than I’d like to admit.
But we made it. We’re still here, and all those moments we thought might have crushed us, or killed us, all those times when it seemed like life was too painful to continue… well, we got through them…
We may or may not have learned from those experiences, but guess what, we’re still standing so we can learn next time. Just be present. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings, stay calm and you will see a little more light than the last time. It’s been a long journey, I know, and though there is much still to go, it will all be over very soon. It will all go back to nought, so despair not.
Keep your peace, hold your calm, find your feet, stay kind, remind yourself that this journey will soon come to an end and another will begin, so be kind my friends. To each other, to yourselves, to nature, be kind to animals, be respectful of the old, pay attention to children when they speak to you, regardless of whether they are yours, for they have pure wisdom to share, and this existence will soon come to an end and you will awake in a very different world. So pay attention to the details while you’re here.
Notice the pips of oranges, the scent of autumn mornings, and count the freckles on the face of your lover each morning, because one day she may be gone. Be present with this life, smile even when you are in pain, not to hide what you are feeling, but just to say, “Yes I’m bleeding in knowing that you’re leaving, but it’s ok.” Stay awake my friends, it’s been a long night, it has at times been dark and lonesome, it has been full of suffering and fear, but stay awake my friends for the enduring dawn is near.
She is softly spoken, she treads lightly with a gentle gait, so stay awake. That you may tell her of the glorious details of this world, of the scents and sensations, the friends you did make. Tell her of the joys of eating food that you grew, the taste of the rain, and how it was different to the taste of the sea…
Pay attention and appreciate the feeling of warm towels, and cold showers, notice that the sun rises from a slightly different position each day, count the dimples in the moon and the wrinkles on your mother’s face, memorise the sound of your father’s voice and the way your parents called your name, for one day this will all come to an end, and you will want to recall these things, so slow down the passing of time and pay attention my friends.
Watch steam as it rises and disappears, notice the feeling of different textures on your skin, breathe deeply as you chew your food that you may take it all in, count the grains of sugar you put in your coffee, be present with your tea, appreciate the touch of cold steel, examine your hands every now and then, consider the things that they have committed and those they accomplished, look yourself in the mirror and eye gaze for a few minutes each day, this world will one day be the faded memory of a dream, so pay attention dear friends.
Do not act in haste, do not let your hearts house hatred, do not rush through life trying to change it or fix it or make it better in any way, just sit with it, be loving and kind, be present and patient. Put headphones on and listen to classical music as you stand still in busy city streets, consider the people who walk past you without so much as a glance at your long lost friends.
Look at the food that you waste, and the packaging that you threw away, consider how you could be kinder to this earth and all its inhabitants, watch a tree being cut down and tell me it’s not painful. Listen to the sound of bleating lambs being separated from their mothers, look in the eyes of a cow being lead to slaughter, slow down for a moment and consider if it was worth it.
Slow down my dear friends, be kind to one other, I beg you be patient. There is no evil other in this world, just beings like you, who are confused, frightened and a little ashamed. I tell you, there is no judgement, no sin, it will all be ok, but while you are still here, slow down, be gentle, be kind, be patient.
And know that if I must leave this place before you, I will remember you, and I’ll be waiting.


Erfan Daliri 26/5/2017